There are over 19,000 children in Arizona foster care, and growing.

Happy Acres Children’s Home (HACH) is developing in an era where there is a desperate need for safe and loving homes for children. The number of children in foster care continues to grow each year while the number of homes available decreases.

It takes a team.

If you cannot donate money at this time, we can always use loving and compassionate individuals to help us care for children. If you’re interested, contact us for volunteer or employment opportunities.

Overflowing placements, shelters, and group homes are full. Tonight dozens of children will sleep in DCS offices.

In 2019, over 672,000 children in the U.S spent time in Foster Care. HACH offers hope and a family environment for those kids by permitting them to grow up within the love and security of a home.

We need people like you.

Your support enables growth toward a community vision and just might be the GREATEST INVESTEMENT you will ever make. Please visit the donation tab to learn more about physical and monetary donation opportunities.